Who is Katie Kadan?

Strong, raw, vulnerable, proud, a woman, Katie Kadan has always had a song to sing and music has always been the tamer of her soul. First it was sing-alongs with her sisters, where even as a child she was the one breaking through the noise. Then came the church choir, where parishioners she’d never met all knew her by voice. Then before she knew it, her love of gospel expanded to embrace rock, folk, classical, soul. And finally her tipping point: when she realized the power of her voice—the range, the control, the musicality—actually measured up to her passion for song.

The stamp of that pure love of music comes through with every note Katie hits. Whether she is coaching aspiring vocalists at School of Rock or performing at her Sunday night residency at The Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago’s River North, or working on her forthcoming EP and full-length album, her passion for music is as unmistakable as it is infections.


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